Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Game review: The Sims 3 (Base game)

Note: This review is for a base game only without any expansion and update patch. More feature and bug has been fixed after the version that I currently view.

If you still not familiar about any Sims game, Sims is simulator game created by Electronic Arts (EA). Player can create their own unique Sims to any looks or traits they want, and explore the town/city, with lots of career and community to explore. 
A pregnant sims had a baby come out

In Sims 3 base game, player can create their own Sims and house-hold, or can simply choose available household to play. Once you choose your desire sims household, you can have them watch a tv, work, meet up with other sims, or even get married and have a baby. Without any mod, every household only can have 8 sims as limit. Once the limit has reached, player will no longer invite other sims to join household, and have a baby either from WooHoo and Try For Baby action is impossible. However, player may add other sims into household with using 'testingcheatsenabled true' cheats, but player will no longer able to control the missing sims portrait from left side, as their portrait has been replaced with new added sims portraits.

There's 7 stage of sims life in Sims 3, they are start from baby>toddler>kids>teen>young adult>adult>elder. When edit or make a sims from Create A Sims (CAS) mode, player are unable to choose or make baby sims. It was always start with toddler stage. As the sims continue their life, they might have a chance to die if they are in any situation that can cause them to death (fire, hungry, drown, etc). This is rarely happen, at least in my game. Upon reach 'elder life stage', they will have chance a died once their life bar has fully green. Upon dead, Grim Reaper will appear to take the dead sims soul, living their urn. The urn can be pickup and can either be keep inside inventory, place at house (when place at outside house it will turn into tombstone), place in Moseleum, or can place in any lot or Graveyard. If the urn/tombstone is placed in player's lot, the ghost most of time will appear from his/her urn, and will do a various thing like the time they were live. In addition, player can interact with them, make a baby with them, and they can even possessed any household belonging. They then will vanish after 7am. Resurrect the dead sims is possible with 'Oh My Ghost!' opportunity, but keep in mind they will no longer can be resurrect once they return into neither World. 

If the died sims is unlucky and loser traits, Grim Reaper will refuse to take their soul and treat them as a joke, and will resurrect them later. This happen if a sims with these traits died in any condition except elderly. A playable ghost sims also wont die by anything except elderly, and instead of dead they will return into neitherworld instead. 

Playable Ghost
Player may have a ghost as playable sims. However, the only way to do this is only through 'Oh My Ghost!' opportunity, or from 'Try For Baby' action that involving ghost. While using 'Try For Baby' method, player will have 50% chance to have a ghost baby if only 1 of the parents is ghost, or 100% chance if both are ghost. The ghost baby will have a normal life like normal sims, but cannot die from anything except getting older (because they are already dead lol). However, instead die because getting old they will return to Neitherworld instead. A playable ghost sims also carrying their own tombstone inside their inventory (as their life), and player may choose to sent them into neither world anytime. Keep in mind once they are return into neitherworld, they are cannot be resurrect. If player wish to resurrect them later, player might want any of sims to cook a Ambrosia dish, which known as 'Divine Meal' and the hardest dish to served ever. Once ghost sims eat them, they will turned into normal sims, and resetting their life stage. When entering a CAS, except 'Supernatural' expansion is installed, they will appear as normal sims in CAS. 
Playable child of ghost sims appear as normal sims in CAS

Funny thing in Sims 3
One thing about Grim Reaper, after taking sims soul, there's a chance to him stay for a while before disappear. During this limited time, Grim Reaper can be interact, and can even have a baby with him (the child skin will appear as black). EA comfirmed this is a bug as he can be interact. Grim Reaper also will do a things like normal sims do like watch a TV, swimming, etc. I found out this is the most funniest things I found in the game. It is possible to add him into household after several patch and expansion. 
                   Grim reaper take a peek at Telescope        Complaint when a things block him from chat with active sims

             Grim Reaper reading Newspaper                            Grim Reaper donated a money for fund raiser campaign

A traits also can cause a funniest seen. For example, a Coward traits will fainted if they saw a ghost, more worst is if the ghost were inside their house. A sims with Evil traits can steal a candy from baby and toddler, a sims with Insane and nevr Nude traits taking a shower/bath with casual cloth,  and many more.

A Rock Star sims ride an exclusive Pink Limousine
Evil sims stealing a candy

A family ghost as NPC activities

A sleeping twin

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