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Kantai Collection The Movie (fans screening) review

About KanColle The Movie
On November 26 2016, Kadokawa has released an anime movie, Kantai Collection The Movie which is base on DMM popular browser games, Kantai Collection. Through KanColle The movie, it has explained of some question that appeared inside tv series.

Official Kantai Collection The Movie poster

Even though it has been released since last year on Japan and received huge success, it is seems has not been released yet for outside Japan. However, this movie might been unofficial screening through fans screening. And for this, AniPlus Asia was trying to bring fans screening into selected countries.

The selected countries are Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia, All location has been/will be screening on April, and will be one day only on:
  • Singapore: April 15
  • Malaysia: April 16
  • Philippines: April 22
  • Indonesia: April 29

As being resident of Malaysian, I'm able to watch this movie. More importantly, I got it free from Comic Fiesta as I've won the contest! Though there is only two screening time which is either 2.30pm and 5.30pm, I choose to watch on 5.30pm. 

The Screening
Fans gathering while waiting the show

Even though 5.30pm is little bit late for screening, it still got attention of teitoku (cough cough, admiral) from Malaysia. Some are even comes with cosplaying as Admiral and Kanmusu. The price for each screening time is RM35. Each purchased tickets got some special merchandises, or you can say those are exclusive merchandised by AniPlus. Those are:

  •   A4 folder, with KanColle The Movie official illustration

 A4 folder

  • KanColle The Movie Epoxy Pin

Can turned into magnetic badges

  • KanColle The Movie 35mm filmstrip

A rare merchandise for me, the film has in-between, frame of movie's sequences

If you think A4 folder and pin/badges is normal or plain types of gift, then you might change your opinion once you got the filmstrip one. It might a rare merchandise to have (you will feel even rare if you are KanColle super/hardcore fans), Each filmstrips contains different sequences, and consist 5 frames of movie's sequences. This might not, or will not available on everywhere except by this AniPlus fans screening events. 

Since I got two tickets and my friends canceled on last minutes, I got two scene's sequences.
left: Kisaragi scenes. Right: Abyssal Battle scenes.

These would be nice to be your rar collectible items. So if you are from Philippines and Indonesia and are Kantai Collections fans, DO NOT MISSES THESE. Get ready your wallet, free your schedule time on those date, and attend this event.

About The Movie
Warning: Contains some spoilers. Read on your own risk.

Le me waiting for movie start

Synopsis:  Some fleet teams are in missions to ambush some enemy (Abyssal) territories. Upon completed the mission successfully , they managed to save Kisaragi, who is sunk and being carried by enemy transport. But however, fleet teams then heard a shallow, mystery voice comes from dead red sea. As they managed to save Kisaragi, Nagato and Kaga are not pleased as they are know something are wrong with Kisaragi.

Despite the plain story plots, the anime has been animated well, including in-between, drawing and color quality, details, and SFX, background music. This is no wonder why this anime movie being ranked number 5 on its debut weekend. Hopefully Kadokawa will release DVD for this anime movies later.

Sweet reunion

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